Lord Buddha in Dhyana – Tibetan Buddhist

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Meditation is the key aspect of Lord Buddha to achieve enlightenment. Here also Buddha sits in his dhyana, holding a bowl on his laps, symbolic of him being the head of an order and right hand is in a gesture of bhumisparsa to invoke the earth as a witness to the truth of his words.

He wears a uniquely patterned multicolored robe, designed with circular motifs in a horizontal manner that flows down smoothly to cover his body and the bare chest revealing on the right. The robe shows a purple colored conventionalized border that highlights the major turns and folds. The small mark on the forehead is the third eye of wisdom accompanied with stylized dark blue colored hairs and the peeping copper color forms forming the border complements the robe and the color of skin. Beautiful pattern of the eyes and the high end brows depict his soothing and calm nature.

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Brass Statue With Inlay Work

14.50 inch Height x 12.00 inch Width x 9.00 inch Depth
8.8 Kg.


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